Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh So Many Significant Things

Glenn Greenwald has a great post up about the Washington Post's recent foolishness (in case you haven't been following, they hired Ben Domenech, the son of a well-connected Bush appointee, to write a blog for them, to balance out the liberal voice that they don't have, and he turned out to be, among other things, a serial plagiarist).

Domenech was enough of an asshole to call Coretta Scott King a communist on the day of her funeral. So pardon me while I enjoy my comfy seat on the Schadenfreude Express.

Greenwald and his co-hosts have also been all over the Feingold censure resolution, what it means, and why Democratic Senators should have jumped on it when the jumping was good.

As one of Russ Feingold's constituents, I'd like to express my small thanks to the man for his consistently superior performance in D.C. If you're so inclined, sign up on Feingold's Progressive Patriot e-mail list. It's worth the small amount of time it takes.

You're the shit, Russ Fiengold.

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