Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Um, what's this together bullshit

So going to the super bowl can be pretty expensive for lots of people. But I don't think anyone is paying more than this poor bastard.
The brother of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Tyrone Carter had his sentence for driving with a revoked license increased from six months to five years because he failed to report to jail on time. Tank Carter was scheduled to report to a Broward County prison on Jan. 6, but decided against it when his brother told him the Steelers had a good chance of going to the Super Bowl.

. . .

Winning the Super Bowl meant "we finally made it together."
Yeah, ok, we won it "together." But one guy gets a ring, a parade, and a bonus. The other guy gets to wear orange jumpsuits and pick up garbage for 5 years. Way to go team.