Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stupid Shit Thursday

I'm sure you've all seen about this by now, but I couldn't let Thursday end without some stupid shit to post.

So here it is.

The Department of Fatherland Homeland Security has decided that New York City just doesn't need that much money for antiterrorism purposes. So they've cut NYC's antiterror grant.


The DHS argued that New York City "has no national icons."


I guess this little item didn't make the cut as being a national icon:

Nah. Not at all.

What about this?

Only of interest to giant apes, I suppose.

I couldn't find an image of Patsy Grimaldi's, but that's a national treasure worth protecting. Donnie, I'm sure you've been. You know what I'm talking about.

Man, that's some stupid shit!

It's not as stupid as this, though. The consequences are more dire, but this is much, much more stupid.

I mean, really. Take a look:

Stupid, stupid shit.

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