Tuesday, May 30, 2006

G & T

Wow, I'm just full of posts today. Now that I'm back in blogging mode, I want to tip my hat (as Jude did) to Donnie's return to blogging over at Left Pedal. A friend and mentor, Donnie has always, always helped keep me on the right path. We're delighted to have him back, especially now that I'm soon leaving the Northeast and we need someone in the this part of the country to keep us abreast of all the goings on.

In tribute to Donnie I want to mention my new favorite gin. If Donnie had his old archives up, I'd point you to his recipe for a gin and tonic which, if I remember correctly was simply equal parts Bombay Sapphire and tonic, with a lime wedge. And really, how could you go wrong?

Thankfully, I've just found Martin Miller's Gin (over 21 only, please). I read a review of it some months ago and have been asking for it at liquor stores ever since. I went to at least 10 spots before I found it in the Boston area. Martignetti's on Soldier's Field road was where I finally hit paydirt. Sure, I'm partial to gin, but Martin Miller's may be the most delightful spirit I've ever tasted. Smooth with bright citrus and juniper flavor, you could certainly drink a Martin Miller G & T without the lime, or even the tonic, for that matter. I don't drink G & T often because they're only worth drinking if you have a nice gin (Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, and Hendrick's are all worth endorsing), and I don't often feel like paying for good gin. I'm notoriously cheap, so shelling out $28 bucks for 750 ml of the stuff wasn't an easy task (when another 5 bucks would get me an extra liter of Tanqueray), but it will be next time.

Every gin fan should go buy a bottle of Martin Miller's, make a G & T, and if you haven't do so already, raise your glass to Donnie's return. Now if we can just get Lenny back onboard . . .