Saturday, April 29, 2006

George W. Bush: Idiot

I know, I know. This comes as no surprise to anyone.

However, I'd like to know how anyone could stop at Fayard's BP on Pass Road and not come away with a famous "dressed and pressed" po-boy. Shit, who don't love a fried oyster po-boy? And at such a price?

In fact, why the hell else would anyone stop at Fayard's BP? I can't think of a reason. But the Dipshit-in-Chief left without one.
After leaving the volunteer site, the jovial nature of the visit was broken for a couple of seconds while the president mingled inside Fayard's BP station on Pass Road. Outside the station, a cigarette-smoking customer pumped gas, but an alert Secret Service agent halted the safety threat by making the woman extinguish her smoke, seconds before Bush ambled out, without one of the station's trademark pressed po-boys.
Also, do I really need to comment on how fucking stupid it is that the President of the United States of America posed for a photo with puppies? Puppies?

Jesus. We are through the looking glass.

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