Thursday, April 13, 2006

South Park

I happened to go to South Park Elementary School in Vicksburg, MS, but that isn't what this post is about. The television show South Park (which is much more popular than my elementary school) aired an episode about the Mohammed cartoons last night. Comedy Central edited the cartoon, which was about Comedy Central editing the cartoon showing Mohammed. Confusing yes, but the bottom line is that:
Comedy Central apparently allows South Park to show Jesus defacating on others and being defacated on, but prohibits showing Mohammed "just standing there, looking normal."
Interesting state of affairs. As Jim Lindgren mentions, the blogosphere is abuzz about this. Check it out on Instapundit.

I can't emphasize how phenomenal this episode is. Has there ever been a better satire in the history of satire? South Park uses their cartoon to describe and comment on their own cartoon, noting how hypocritical and absurd Comedy Central's action was and how ridiculous it is to give in to the heckler's veto. At the same time, South Park managed to emphatically insult "The Family Guy" proving that Parker and Stone a craftsmen of humor, not just funny guys. Its meta-satire brilliance.