Friday, March 24, 2006

Duke = Yankees

I had to respond to Jude's post about the Blue Devils being the college hoops version of the Yankees. The only thing they have in common is the consistent winning, but that isn't what makes the Yankees evil.

The Yankees suck because:

1) They buy players instead of developing talent. See e.g. Sheffield, Giambi, Randy Johnson, A-Rod, Matsui, etc. They have the highest payroll in the league. Several of these guys subsequently admitted to using 'roids.

2) Their star player, Jeter, is an overrated pretty boy.

3) They're in New York City which is full of elitist bitches that call NYC "The City" as if there were no other municipality in the world.

But Duke is none of those things. They have hard working guys that make their freethrows and play team oriented basketball. Plus they're actually student athletes, guys who have little more upstairs than the average baller. And they win without having super-talented guys -- the opposite of the Yankees. The successful NBA players to come out of Duke (Brand, Magette, and Grant Hill) are far fewer in number than the guys coming out of UConn or UNC.

In short, Duke has way more redeeming qualities than the Yankees. But I'm glad LSU beat the stank out of 'em. That was a great game.