Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanks, But No Thanks

If no one else will take the "War Czar" job, maybe they should give John Connor a call. He could beat SkyNet, right?

Retired USMC General John Sheehan to Bush: Go find some other patsy upon whom to pin your failed war.
The day-to-day work of the White House implementation manager overseeing Iraq and Afghanistan would require a great deal of emotional and intellectual energy resolving critical resource issues in a bureaucracy that, to date, has not functioned well. Activities such as the current surge operations should fit into an overall strategic framework. There has to be linkage between short-term operations and strategic objectives that represent long-term U.S. and regional interests, such as assured access to energy resources and support for stable, Western-oriented countries. These interests will require a serious dialogue and partnership with countries that live in an increasingly dangerous neighborhood. We cannot "shorthand" this issue with concepts such as the "democratization of the region" or the constant refrain by a small but powerful group that we are going to "win," even as "victory" is not defined or is frequently redefined.

It would have been a great honor to serve this nation again. But after thoughtful discussions with people both in and outside of this administration, I concluded that the current Washington decision-making process lacks a linkage to a broader view of the region and how the parts fit together strategically. We got it right during the early days of Afghanistan -- and then lost focus. We have never gotten it right in Iraq. For these reasons, I asked not to be considered for this important White House position. These huge shortcomings are not going to be resolved by the assignment of an additional individual to the White House staff. They need to be addressed before an implementation manager is brought on board.

Translation: You, Mr. Bush, have shit the bed. There is no way to un-shit it. And I'll be goddamned if I roll around in your stank-ass sheets. Enjoy your cluster fuck, sir, for I will have no part of it.

Although the general is far more politic than I would be, I agree with what he says. Who wouldn't?

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