Sunday, April 15, 2007


No, not that's not Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown. But it's a fun picture.

Ahh, Springtime. Baseball season. Once again, we witness the return of this anachronistic, pastoral game.

Though I've never participated, I've known lots of people who play fantasy baseball. If you, dear reader, enjoy this pastime, know that you are up against a gigantic nerd. The best thing about this article? I learned that Meat Loaf plays fantasy sports.
Serious fantasy players are always eager to team with Olson. In fact, he joined forces with the singer Meat Loaf in the 2004 World Championship of Fantasy Baseball.

“Meat Loaf is a huge fantasy sports fan,” Olson said. “We sat beside each other that year at the draft in Las Vegas. We finished third out of 15 teams in our league and won $1,000. But that didn’t even cover our entrance fee.”
The NY Times also had a good article about pitch counts today. If that's you're sort of thing, check it out. I really enjoyed it.

Finally, I once again submit, for your enjoyment, "Baseball Bugs."

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