Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tammy Baldwin, You Kick Ass

About to be opened

Good times, good times.
U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin called on Congress Monday to investigate the prosecution of former state worker Georgia Thompson, whose bid-rigging conviction was overturned last week by a federal appeals court.

Thompson was accused of favoring a company with ties to Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, and her conviction became an issue last year in his re-election campaign.

"Congress should also look into whether partisan politics influenced, or even dictated, the investigations conducted by the U.S. attorneys' offices in order to stay in the (Bush) administration's good graces," Baldwin, D-Madison, said in a statement.

In addition, Thompson told the state Monday she's interested in returning to work "as soon as possible," said Patrick Henderson, executive assistant at the Department of Administration. He said that might be by the end of April. Thompson expressed interest in returning to the division where she previously worked, but not as a procurement supervisor, he said.
I do so like this new "oversight" business that's going on.

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