Thursday, December 21, 2006

Office Life

This shit is stank.

I took a microbiology course in high school (long ago). I really, really enjoyed it, except for one thing: The smell.

Hot agar stinks all to be damned, and I've never forgotten that smell. Ugh. Agar is a nutrient used in microbiology labs that's basically a sugar extracted from the cell walls of certain red algae. It's the yellowish goo in petri dishes upon which you grow cultures. The cultures themselves are often stank, but the agar itself is nasty enough.

My dear friend Bethel got a degree in biochemistry, and I don't know how she stands that stench. She's made of stern stuff.

But Jude, you ask, what does this have to do with an office?


There's someone in my office who's eating something that smells very much like agar. It's gag-worthy.

I'm sure you have someone like this in your office--the person who eats stank-ass food, and never begins to notice that everyone around is having trouble breathing and, oh, not puking.

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