Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sorry No Blogging

I'm taking the Louisiana Bar Exam all week. I started Monday and I'm about 75% sure that I failed Monday.

But since Jude's still out of commission, I just thought I would try to stimulate a little discussion around here. One of the most interesting parts of my law and religion class centered on the legitimacy of laws and acts of public officials who were motivated by religion. Apparently Bush's veto of the stem-cell law (which I watched on TV, lots of kids crying in the background didn't stop him) has prompted a bit of conversation on this topic around the 'net.

You can start with this post and bounce around the trackbacks to read some other opinions.
His veto statement does not speak in clearly religious terms at all. Rather, he simply argues that the bill does not strike a proper ethical balance. Surely the President's sense of what is ethical is substantially derived from his religious beliefs, but the same could be said, directly or indirectly, of many Americans. And for those whose ethical beliefs are at least nominally untethered to any religious views, those of us who are non-philosophers are likely at some point to come to rest on arguments that are equally publicly inaccessible: "It's just right." "It's just wrong."