Monday, July 10, 2006

More CraigsList

First, for those of you who are interested, for the last time -- I do NOT know where Suri Cruise is! Now that we've gotten that out of the way, more craigslist.

Searching for an apartment in New Orleans is quite interesting. Craigslist is really the only place I know where there are lots of places with descriptions, locations, and often a pic. is good because you can look at the listings from the Times-Picayune, but those don't have pics and the site is less user-friendly.

Lately on Craigslist there have been lots of "Stop Price Gauging you Asshole Landlord" posts. Of course the landlords have responded with their "Our Costs have Gone Up after Katrina Too," but I'm sure plenty of them just jacked up prices because they could. I don't really know if this is price-gauging or simply supply and demand at work, or both. Some of the posts are spoiled college kids who think they have some sort of human right to live 10 blocks from school, without roommates, paying cheap rent. Newflash guys, most college kids who want to live alone have to pay a premium in big cities. Get a roommate and stop crying.

I think the real issue is that New Orleans needs lots of low wage workers to rebuild, especially in the tourism industry. Unfortunately low wage workers can't really live in the city. This doesn't strike me, a Boston resident, as too uncommon. Boston, NYC, and San Fran are probably the three cities with the highest rents and I'm sure most low wage workers commute into the heart of those citites.

New Orleans, however, doesn't have a widely used public transportation system like those other cities. Thus living outside the city means owning a car, paying for parking, insurance and a host of other costs. I'd love to hear comments and more insight into the problem.

In the meantime, you can check out this advice from a friendly landlord. Strangely, he seems more interested in giving a lecture than renting an apartment. My favorite line: " Use that wonderful tool called goggle map." Hehehe.