Friday, July 07, 2006

Drafting, Mock Drafting, and Losing Sanity

Now that Jude has started up the fantasy football league this year, I'm begining to lose my shit. I've been mock drafting on Antsports, not so much because it helps during the real thing, but just because I strangely enjoy drafting for it's own sake. If you think I'm alone, check out this website, where bloggers draft everything from mascots, to cities, to beer (which coincidently can be "drafted" in a much more enjoyable sense of the word).

I don't know what it is about making a "team," but mock drafting is just really fun for me. Sort of like how I used to play with my baseball cards (about 10,000 of them). I wouldn't actually do anything with them except put them in protective cases, look up their values, write it down, organize and reorganize them, etc. But I always really enjoyed it.

So here I am about 2 weeks from the bar exam and I'm trying to decide if Larry Fitzgerald is going to have a better season than Anquan Bolden. I hate you Jude.