Monday, May 15, 2006

A Fun Use for All Those "Anytime" Minutes

So the NSA has been keeping records of all of our telephone calls, right? They haven't admitted to actually listening in yet. So, for now, we'll run with the assumption that they're "only" recording who you call, and when.

This seems like a great opportunity for all of us to use whatever no- or low-cost long-distance we might have.

Start calling people. Call old friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers. Shit, start calling people at random. Just make half-a-dozen or so random calls a day, in addition to the ones you'll be doing for getting reacquainted with old friends. Make some new friends! Use those free minutes! Don't make Joan Cusack sad!

Those fuckers wanna keep records? Fine. Give 'em some records to keep.

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