Friday, May 12, 2006

Poll Dancing

Why? Because George W. Bush's approval rating hit 29% in a new Harris Interactive Poll. Please note that this poll was conducted before it was revealed that the NSA has been monitoring your (yes, your) phone and e-mail activities.

This poll has n = 1003, and a MoE of ± 3%. It's a pretty good estimate of the actual population value, provided that the pollsters had a good sampling frame and didn't ask a crappy question.

If you want a taste of just how odd that is, consider this. A recent Gallup poll of the same characteristics (but from September 2003) showed 33% of those polled approved of the following idea: "Display of a monument with a verse from the Koran, the holy book of the Islamic religion, in a public school or government building."

Seriously. Bush is now less popular among Americans than having verses from the Koran in public schools. Not that I'm against such an idea (well, I am, but not because it's the Koran), but Jesus--that's quite a comparison, don't you think?

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