Thursday, May 11, 2006

Make Sure You Say "Hail Glorious Leader" When You Answer the Phone

'Cause a simple "hello" might not be patriotic enough.

It turns out that, even though they promised (super pinky swear!) not to monitor to the phone calls of those of us who Have Nothing To Fear (and this should shock no one with more than four functioning neurons), the Bush government lied about that too.

It's too long and too good for me to just provide excerpts. I will say, though, good on Qwest for telling the government to pack sand, even though they were being strong-armed with possible denail of government contracts for not participating.

Do you feel safer? Man, I do.

Oh, and the next time some faux-libertarian jerk tells me to trust business or government with my privacy, he's gettin' punched right in the nuts. See this guy?

He's smarter than Glenn Reynolds.

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