Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quite a Day

I'm not feeling so hot today, so I don't have much to say.

If I felt better, I'd have a few comments about the DHS pervert, or about crazy Tom DeLay and the dumbasses who are defending him, or maybe on the astonishing story of how Atlanta is the center of American sex tourism--especially for people who want to have sex with minors (gotta love those heartland values!). But I don't.

Actually, I do have something to say about the dumbasses defending Tom DeLay. If you click on that link above, it will take you to and the Daou Report. Peter Daou is not defending DeLay; he's not that kind of guy. He does have a web log roundup, though, that is updated daily. It's a great service--Peter swims in the sewers of the right wing so you don't have to. Anyway, He links to RedState (I don't link to crazy right-wing sites), where the morons there have the following post about good ol' Tom:
DeLay Departs. The Fight Continues.
By: The Directors ยท Section: GOP

Tom DeLay made his bones as a warrior for the party. He was, in many areas, a dedicated conservative. But he was above all else a party man - familiar as he was with the political dirty tricks during Democrat domination of the Congress, DeLay was determined not to give an inch once Republicans took power. He fought the Democrats with every tool at his disposal, with parliamentary maneuvering, with political brinksmanship, and with redistricting, just as the other side had done for decades. He was a gargantuan Machiavellian foe, in the body of a diminutive Texan. Largely because of Tom DeLay, Democrats have been unable to enact their wrong headed policies. For all of this, he was loathed above all else by the left.


The Congress has, in truth, moved on already. But it is still a Republican Congress, one that needs to be focused on achieving the right things for the right reasons. We owe Tom DeLay thanks in large part for the fact that this IS a Republican Congress, and we should treat him with the respect of an old warrior who, in the end, took the honorable road home - shunning the egotistical course and doing one last service for his party.

Can you believe that shit? "An old warrior who, in the end, took the honorable road home," huh?

First, Tom DeLay managed to avoid any actual experience as a warrior during his youth, even though the Vietnam War was going on at the time. Now how, you might ask, could such a virile, battle-ready man not go to war? Well, according to Tom, he wanted to, but dammit, there were too many minorities there--and there wasn't any room for him in the Army! Seriously. That's his excuse. He wanted to sign up, but because so many minorities were there for the good-paying Army jobs (they had to get out of the ghetto, you see), there just wasn't space left for Macho Tom.

I'll leave you to think about that for a minute or two--idiocy and dishonesty that blatant can be difficult to process.

Done yet? Good.

Next, to call someone who is up to his eyeballs in corruption and bribery "honorable," well--just go back to processing idiocy and dishonesty.

We'll be here tomorrow when you get back.

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