Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chutzpah Don't Even Begin to Describe It

Bush visits India--okay, that's news. Perhaps a discussion of US & Indian strategic interests, containing China, and so forth might be appropriate for an article on the subject. However, it's just an AP report, so I guess we can't bemoan the lack of analysis too much.

But here's what's most interesting in the article:
The president and his wife, Laura, then visited a memorial to India’s independence leader, M.K. Gandhi, standing in stocking feet for a moment of silence and wreath-laying at the site where he was cremated in 1948. Following tradition, the Bushes tossed flower petals on the cremation platform — repeating the gesture several times to make sure photographers could get the shot.

This guy's not even slightly concerned that there might be a hell.

This action is so far beyond irony that it's impossible for me to describe it.

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