Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Something Local

Well, local for me. Not for Jon.

It turns out that, of the over 41,000 University of Wisconsin system employees, 40 have been convicted of felonies.


Let's see. If you read the article, you see than only nine were violent felonies, and that, of those 40, only 28 still work in the system. Nine of those listed were fraud/forgery, 7 had felony DWI's, and 6 had felong drug possession. And, really. Less than 0.1% of the employees are felons? That's cause for such alarm?

But a larger point needs to be made. Don't ex-cons deserve employment if they want it? I mean employment at decent, stable jobs, too. How would you expect someone to stay out of prison if that person is unemployable? What happened to the idea of paying one's debt? Shit. Do you have any fucking idea how easy it is to get a felony drug conviction in this state? Look here, in the appended tables, to find out. If you get pinched with any amount of weed twice, or meth just once, then that's a felony. Do you really think that, after serving three-and-a-half years for a possession rap, a person shouldn't be given a job ever again? Do you really think, college students, that you're above getting busted with some smoke on you?

Oh, yeah. Attention, Badger Herald: Your Editorial Board is staffed with dipshits. Also, the jagoffs at the Mendota Beacon think that you guys are liberal.

Seriously, though, Badger Herald--you don't need to compete with the douchebags in the state legislature in the World's Biggest Dumbass competition. It debases you, and Ted Kanavas (R-Mental Ward) will always have the edge on you.

As usual, props to the Daily Cardinal--this time, for not engaging in fear-mongering.

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