Friday, February 10, 2006

Spread This Idea Around

Okay, everyone. Mardi Gras is coming soon (28 February). If you can't throw down on a Tuesday, consider having a get-together some time before (hell, even after, if you don't care about Lent) Tuesday. Kegger, barbecue, wine-and-cheese, pokerfest, whatever--just have some sort of social event for the Carnival season. Call it, say, a Party Gras.

At your Party Gras, have a donation jar out in a prominent location. You might even want to encourage people to chip in. And then send the money to a Katrina Relief fund.

The Red Cross isn't taking money for this endeavor anymore--they say they've raised enough. However, there are plenty of other organizations that need the money to help our brothers and sisters in Louisiana and Mississippi. So chip in. And have a party while you do it. Your fellow citizens will thank you, but your liver might not.

Here are some useful links:

Humanitarian Organizations
Go do some good.

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