Tuesday, February 14, 2006


As if the Islamic Cartoon Rioting (that is rioting over cartoons, not animated riots) wasn't ridiculous enough, CNN has a picture on its homepage of riots in Pakistan where Muslims are burning American flags. The only explanation I have is that the Stars and Stripes is more readily available on the market that the Dutch flag. Maybe there are vendors on the street that sell the American flag for people to burn, and these guys were caught unawares by the Dutch Cartoon issue.

Mr. Flag Burner: "Pardon me sir. Do you have any flammable Dutch flags ?"

Mr. Flag Vendor: "Why no, unfortunately I am all out."

Mr. Flag Burner: "Why how unfortunate. I did have my heart set on flag burning today."

Mr. Flag Vendor: "Well sir, if that is indeed the case, why not try the good ol' stars and stripes. Nothing burns like red, white, and blue. And I have plenty in stock today."

Mr. Flag Burner: "Hmm, I dunno. America didn't really have much to do with this Cartoon thing."

Mr. Flag Vendor: "Oh, come on. An infidel is an infidel."

Mr. Flag Burner: "Word. Alright I'll take a half dozen of those, two pictures of Bush, and a bearclaw."