Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dear NFL:

What the fuck? I mean, really, what the fuck?

A blind Martian could have made the right call on that play. What the fuck?

Because of this stupidity, the NFL was almost indirectly responsible for the death of a Steelers fan. You see, after the bullshit interception-into-incompletion call, the Colts scored to finish the drive that Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu should have ended, and pulled to within three points. Pittsburgh got the ball back, ran three plays, used up almost two minutes of game time, and punted. Indianapolis started the ensuing drive from their own twenty, and the kick-ass Steeler D backed them up 18 yards on two sacks. Indy turned the ball over on downs at their own 2 yard line with 1:20 left on the game clock. Now here's where the possible death occurred.

Longtime, dependable, and popular Steeler running back Jerome Bettis took the ball from Ben Roethlisberger and headed for the goal line, as he's done so many times in his stellar career. Indy linebacker Gary Brackett made a perfect hit, and, in an extremely unusual turn of events, Bettis fumbled the ball. Colts' DB Nick Harper picked up the fumble and ran for daylight--he was stopped by an ugly but effective TD-saving tackle by the Steelers' QB.

When Bettis fumbled, Steeler fan Terry O'Neill had a heart attack. He got to the hospital, and is recovering. So NFL official Pete Morelli almost ended up killing a guy.

Yes, yes, I know that Bettis is the one who fumbled the ball. But he wouldn't have been in that position if Morelli hadn't made his bizarre call, overturning what was clearly an interception, fumble, and recovery by Polamalu.

So the Steelers won, anyway. Woo. But Christ. What a stupid call. And props to Joey Porter for calling the refs on their bullshit. Of course, the league will fine him for saying this, but I'm glad he said it.

If you don't like football, and don't like this post, that's too bad. Cheer up--football's postseason is nearly at an end. Then it's sports drought until March.

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