Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Getting February Started Off Right

Ok, suckers. I know I was slacker supreme last month, but I thought I could get things cranked out a bit starting today.

A brief bit about my weekend. I decided to skip the school's ski trip in favor of spending some time with my lady friend. We decided to head out and see Sideways at the AMC Fenway. Unfortunately because of all the buzz it was sold out. Since this drivel was the only thing near the 8:20 start time, we left. The parking garage gives you a 10 minute grace period so I ran back to the car and headed for the exit. Of course I pick the wrong toll booth and have to wait behind a guy who is getting directions, arguing about paying, or helping the booth guy with a Rubik's Cube. Anyway he took a couple of minutes so when it was my turn, I had been there 3 minutes too long and had to pay 2 dollars ("give me my 2 dollars!") for my failed attempt to go on a date.

So on the way back we stop at Blockbuster and since it isn't to late we rent Return of the King which we had still not seen. We also decided to get a little Diet Coke with Lime on the way out as a mixer. Then the guy at the counter starting putting the moves on me and the lady. Both. First he was after her, despite the diamond ring, which irked me a bit since I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE. But then he started working on me, too. Not the first time a fella's been after ol' Jonny but it was the first time I've been a part of some tandem hookup scheme orchestrated by the Blockbuster Bi-Guy. My lady and I discussed this on the way out, thinking perhaps the Diet Coke with Lime made us seem like the swinging type. So then we head back and watch the painfully long movie.

The next day was an afternoon at the Boston Wine Expo. Not bad, lots of wine, lots of drunk people, lots of famous chefs cooking foie gras (The liver everyone loves). Perhaps the highlight of the day was getting to ride Boston's new Silver Line on the T. Anyone from Boston knows how pitful and insufficient the T really is. It must be the least dependable public transportation in the universe. If you have to take the T or MBTA bus to work (or school) you will be significantly late at least one day a week.

So we got off the Red Line and walked up a few stairs to some brand spanking new underground terminal. There is a Silver Line bus waiting to pick us up and 4, yes 4, MBTA employees standing there telling people where to go. They had to be the only MBTA people working that day. There is never anyone working for the MBTA that isn't taking your money - these 4 must have been lost. So we hop on and the bus takes off on its little underground street which is amazingly clean. The first stop in Courthouse. Un-f*cking-believeable. New escalators, art work, everything shiny chrome. I kept expecting to see a Faberge eggs and British butlers in tuxes. For someone who lives on the B line, seeing the Silver Line stops is like unlocking the secret to the universe - finally I understand where all the money goes!

Anyway if you need something more eventful, go ahead and read the weekend that I missed out on.