Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Ok, so I've been writing a lot about sports lately. But I guess that's ok since Jude has the queers covered and Football and Homosexuality are our top two topics here.

Anyway, I just learned something about Jerry Glanville (you DO want to hit that site) that I never knew from this article.

But Glanville, whose ego was even bigger than those cowboy belt-buckles he always wore with his black jeans, fretted that a carousing Favre would never reach his potential. The Falcons had Chris Miller as their starter and Billy Joe Tolliver as the primary backup in 1991, good guys and decent quarterbacks, and Favre knew he was never going to play. And so he became intimately familiar with some of the watering holes in the Buckhead entertainment district, drew plenty of fines from Glanville, and wilted on the bench.

The breaking point came on a Saturday morning in October, when Favre overslept and was late arriving for the team picture, apparently an unforgivable transgression in the sunglass-covered eyes of the head coach. Come the offseason, Glanville ordered vice president of personnel Ken Herock to trade Favre and the history of two franchises was essentially sealed for the next 13 seasons.
Hehehe. I think one day this might be close to the level of the Ruth trade. After all, Favre is the best QB in history.