Thursday, December 29, 2005

John McCain: Douchebag

That's right. Douchebag. The Senator from Arizona and media darling recently appeared on MTV for an "interview," courtesy of the same dipshits who brought you "The Real World" and "MTV Cribs."

In the course of the resulting douchebaggery, McCain showed that he is either a complete dolt or a shameless panderer to the Christian "right" (Motto: Returning the Educational System to the Good Old Days of the '50s--the 1150's).

When asked about "Intelligent" Design, McCain offered this stunning insight:

"Every young American should be exposed to every point of view," he posited.
"I'm not saying [intelligent design] should be taught in science classes. But
I'm saying young people should be exposed to it. I also believe that God had a
hand in creation. I certainly don't believe the Earth was created in seven days.
But when I stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and look at that grandeur, I
detect the hand of God there in the time before time. I see no reason why
students should not be exposed to all theories, recognizing that Darwin's
theory's certainly one that is generally accepted in most of the scientific
community. I think it's not inappropriate to say there are also people who
believe this. Let the student decide."

Emphasis mine.

Can you believe that shit? "Let the student decide"? What the fuck does that mean?

I've done a little teaching in my life, and that concept just doesn't work. Consider this:

"Okay, kids, today we're going to learn about Pearson's correlation coefficient, which we denote with the symbol r."

"Uh, teach? We've decided that we don't want to learn about that, and, quite frankly, we believe that Pearson's correlation coefficient is simply a tool that godless atheists use to undermine our faith. We don't believe in it, and there are competing theories about Simple Heuristic Intelligent Tie-ins that jive with our faith."

"Simple Heuristic Intelligent Tie-ins?"

"Yes. Simple Heuristic Intelligent Tie-ins, or SHIT, is a way that a Supremely Intelligent Being (who is not, under any circumstances, to be confused with God) reveals to us how things are interrelated. In fact, leading theorists in the field of SHIT tell us that there are serious doubts about the entire mathematical enterprise. The generally accepted consensus is simply another religous dogma that the liberal-dominated state school system forces down our throats."

"Uh huh. And you feel that you can live your entire life wallowing in the field of SHIT?"


And so forth.

Also, I love it when dumb-ass people talk about Darwinian selection as being the "generally accepted consensus" in biology. That's a lot like saying that the dollar is the "generally accepted currency" in the US. Dipshits.

For all your Intelligent Design smackdown needs, be sure to visit our good friends at the Panda's Thumb. It's good stuff.

More later on Incompetent Design, as well as the truly fuckin' weird stuff that is quantum physics.

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