Thursday, October 12, 2006

Local News

When I left the house this morning at oh-dark-thirty, there was snow on the ground.

SNOW! What the fuck? It's not even mid-way through October. There's not supposed to be any snow yet. That's some bullshit.

But it's not nearly as much bullshit at this: A Wisconsin Assemblyman wants to give teachers and principals guns. So they can stop school shootings. Makes sense, right?

Well, it does to Frank Lasee. Just so you know that his idiocy isn't confined to the area of firearms, I'll point out that he's also for the dumbass "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" (ask someone from Colorado how that's worked out).

Also, to compare US schools to Israel's and Thailand's--that's just stupid. There's a Muslim insurgency in Thailand that targets teachers (because they're government employees). And Israel? Did he mention that there's a goddamn war going on over there, and that the risk of violence against schools is much, much higher (we won't get into why just now)? Also, the teachers in Israel don't actually carry guns. They have security guards for that.

Not that you'd expect any intellectual honesty (or any intellect, for that matter) from a guy who supports TABOR.

I suppose it goes without saying that Rep. Lasee is a Republican. I'm sure you've already come to that conclusion.

Whee! Armed teachers! That'll make everything better!

That and some more goddamn tax cuts.

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