Monday, September 25, 2006

Geaux Saints II

Thoughts from the game:

1. This one caught me off-guard. I hadn't seen the Falcons yet this year but their rushing stats were obscene. I figured them for a double digit win and good thing I don't have a bookie yet. The Saints obliterated them on both sides of the ball.

2. Deuce is still the real deal.

3.Bush is the real deal, too.

4. The Stallworth Trade was great for both teams, but his scratch this week is true to form. He's not durable -- not dependable.

5. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Tony K., Stu Scott, and Tom Jackson are all 1000% more stupider that I could have ever imagined. A reverse is when the QB hands off to Player 1 running to one side who then hands it off to Player 2 running in the opposite direction. Yet all of these announcers call this a "double reverse." Reverse means you reverse the field and run the play to the opposite direction from where it was initially headed. For fucks sake where is the "double?" This just breaks my heart.

6. Not related to the Saints game: but Chris Simms broke his spleen this week . . . and kept playing . . .and almost won. Pretty fucking impressive, but not really worth talking about. But this is the QB who got slammed by Jason "I'm a fat stupid fuck who couldn't play football and sure as hell can't write about it nor am I remotely amusing or interesting on any level" Whitlock just a couple of weeks ago. "Playing quarterback is the hardest thing to do in sports. It requires a mental and physical toughness that most rich kids simply cannot develop." What a mega asshole. I hope he overdoses on twinkies. Don't read his column. Do spit on his offspring.

7. Finally, If you saw the Saints game, everything Tony said before kickoff is a 100% true (because he wasn't confusing end-arounds and reverses). New Orleans needs everyone back, and the tourism parts of the city are back, even though many homes aren't. So come on down and buy my a hand grenade and let's talk about double reverses.

8. It was phenomenal being around this city tonight. Absolutely electric, I can't describe it. The blocked punt touchdown literally gave me goosebumps.

9. Who Dat!