Monday, September 25, 2006

Geaux Saints!

Who Dat?

Yes yes, everyone. The New Orleans Saints are back at home. Jon, I hope you're going to this game, or at least one of them this year.

This game is important, even if you don't like football. It's important to the rebuilding of New Orleans. Now let's hope that prick Tom Benson doesn't move the team.

Home again, home again.

I've watched the Saints for many years. I've been there for the Aint's, the Bag Heads, the Who Dats, the Cha-Ching days, and all that. I've seen Bum Phillips, Jim Mora, Archie Manning, Craig "Ironhead" Heyward, Bobby Hebert, and Ricky Williams come and go. This year's decent team (Thanks, Houston Texans, for passing on Reggie Bush! Dipshits.) looks like it might have a chance at the playoffs. However, having watched and cheered them for so many years, I know better than to hope for that. Still, a win tonight would be almost magical.

You can read much more eloquent perspectives about tonight's game and what it means here and here.

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