Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Weekend Fun

Fresh produce? Oh, hell yeah.

Nazi douchebags? Oh, fuck no.

Here in Madison, the goddamn Nazi Party is planning a rally this Saturday. You may not see how this translates into weekend fun, but bear with me. As one of the many downsides to this, the Dane County Farmers' Market is gonna have to close two hours early, so that the cops can set up enough security to keep these Nazi cocksuckers from getting their stupid fucking Aryan heads beaten in by a righteous mob.

So here's my Saturday plan, and any of you who are local are welcome to join me:

a) Go to the Market early, and spread some cash around (if you've got any). The two-hour-early closing represents, no doubt, a serious loss of revenue to the vendors. And it's a good excuse to load up on Stella's Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread. If you've never had that, you are missing out.

b) Return at two p.m. Since, as noted, the cops aren't gonna let us crack any Master Race skulls, and being indignant doesn't make an impact, here's my plan. I'm gonna put on a brown shirt, black pants, black tie, break out my old combat boots, and show up.

In a clown wig. I mean a big-ass rainbow clown wig. Maybe we can get a bullhorn and make comical speeches, too.

Ridicule is really the only notice these douchebags deserve. Anybody want to come along?

Or are there any other suggestions?

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