Monday, June 19, 2006

Which Came First?

Was it the chicken or the egg?

That doesn't matter. What matters is who wins in the end. In Norway, it's the egg.
Egg kills hen

A hen from Molde managed to lay an egg roughly twice the normal size.

The Sponås family in Strande, Molde had a hen that managed to lay an egg weighing 122 grams (4.3 oz), compared to the norm of 50-60 grams, newspaper Romsdal Budstikke reports. It was the last thing the bird did.

"I couldn't believe my own eyes when she laid an egg that was more than twice the size of a normal hen's egg. It looked completely unreal, with a 122-gram egg," Solveig Sponås told the newspaper.

The hen, a Loman Brown, came from Erlend Aarskog's poultry farm, and he has never heard of an egg like it.

"It is at least extremely rare. With eggs like this you would only get eight eggs to the kilo, and normally you get 16," Aarskog said.

Sponås wondered if diet, as well as talent, was behind the record production, saying her hens are fed much fruit and vegetables in addition to their feed.

The story ended sadly. As the newspaper put it, it is no joke laying an egg twice normal size, and the hen suffered injuries so serious that it had to be put down.
And there you have it.

How much you wanna bet Erlend Aarskog was always first in line in elementary school? Whose name, alphabetically speaking, could be ahead of his?

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