Friday, June 30, 2006


So, loyal readers, it turns out we were wrong about the Superman logo business.

The studio execs and writers weren't concerned about the international box office returns. They were interested in avoiding lawsuits.

Two independent sources have given us a confidential memo which states that
Kellogg, Brown and Root (subsidiary of HALLIBURTON CORP.) has been granted an exclusive no-bid contract guaranteeing sole rights for 'construction and maintenance of The American Way.' Construction to begin immediately; the first day of labor should start in 13.2 years, and cost overruns are already expected to be somewhere around 57,000%. KBR executives are pleased with the contract, and have increased the frequency and quality of their ritual sacrifices to Beelzebub.

Our sources also confirmed that KBR and its parent company, Devil's Workshop Halliburton, threatened legal action against Warner Brothers if they attempted to use the phrase "The American Way" in any further motion pictures. The contents of the memo have been verified using the exacting standards most commonly associated with the right-wing media. We here at Punch and Jude regret our error in speculation, and offer our sincere apologies to the douchebags at Libertas for questioning their intellects.

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