Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Onion

I think legal writing destroys one's ability to write well in any other context. I don't have much confidence in my blogging lately -- just throwing ideas on the net and passing along interesting tidbits. So sorry if I'm not very entertaining, but it's not my fault.

Here's today's poorly written thought. I've always been a fan of The Onion. In general most of the writing is clever and the satire is excellent. But lately it seems like the articles are too similar. I find myself increasingly drawn to the Onion AV Club, the non-fiction news and opinion side of the Onion. Usually I just read Savage Love and dismiss the rest, but the acticles are enjoyable lately. It's like the writers take conversations that they have amongst themselves and post them online.

For example today there is a list of "Surefire Fiascoes That Unexpectedly Succeeded." The list chronicles eight (an excellent arbitrary choice) movies and tv shows that were expected to fall flat but rose to great heights commercially or artistically. They also have standard movie and music reviews. It's quickly becoming a must read for me.

Of course the writers come off just as pretentious as any pop culture reviewers, but I generally agree with them. And I've glad someone finally gave props to the American version of The Office which borrows the originality and characters from the Brits, but also succeeds on its own merit.