Friday, February 01, 2008

Dear New York Times

Fuck. You.

This headline is just fuckin' awful: Tainted Drugs Tied to Maker of Abortion Pill.

Is mifepristone tainted? No. Not only no, but hell no. The tainted drugs are manufactured in a different goddamn factory than the one that makes RU-486. But you'd never know that just from glancing at the headline, would you? In fact, what would you think?

Probably that there's tainted mifepristone getting shipped to this country.

My beef here isn't with the journalist; the article is clear and to the point about what the story is, and that there's no contamination of mifepristone. But the editor/headline writer? Eat a dick, you fuckin' scumbag.

Look, the jagoffs in the anti-woman, anti-sex, forced pregnancy camp do not need your help. You just know this is going to become another of their scare tactics.

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