Thursday, June 07, 2007

What the Fuck?

Elephant in the room? What elephant in the room?

Uh, Mitt? You might wanna think about coming up with something to say about that whole war thing. People seem to care about it.
And at another forum in West Des Moines, Republican Steven Faux, 54, was left cold after telling Romney that his son's National Guard unit was on the verge of deployment to Iraq. The candidate does not mention the war in his stump speech.

Describing himself as a "worried parent," Faux, a Drake University professor, called the war a "mess" and asked Romney how he would fix it.

Romney responded by voicing support for President Bush's recent troop buildup, saying it had a "reasonable prospect of success." He outlined risks of a quick U.S. withdrawal but offered no hint of how he would proceed if Bush could not stabilize Iraq.

That's about as politically tone-deaf as a person can be.

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