Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pour Out Some Liquor

Tha H-Dog, aka Herbert Kornfeld, 1972-2007.
Reunited with CPA-ONE at last.
We'll mourn you 'til we join you.

Today is a sad, sad day. Tha H-Dog is no longer with us. He's in gangsta heaven, cruisin in Tha Nite Rida, wearing his fly-ass Membaz Only jacket, and accountz-receevin' like a mu'fucka. We knew it had to happen one day. Old age wasn't for tha H-Dog. He wasn't ever gonna be an old geeza like that wack-ass Myron Schabe.

H-Dog is survived by his two-year-old son, Baby Prince H Tha Stone Col' Dopest Biz-ook-kizeepin' Muthafuckin' Badass Supastar Kornfeld Tha Second, and numerous cash room bitches. You can read his badass columns here.

Oh, and Irving Weinbaum better protect his fuckin' neck. Same goes to those bitchez in Accountz Payabo.