Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watch Jon Stewart Hand John McCain His Own Ass

Wow. McCain's just imploding. Let's see--he told Stewart that he brought him an IED, that he'd kick his dog, and that the Baghdad markets are great, 'cause they take plastic (what's the odds on them accepting AmEx?). Then he implies that the audience wants the US to lose (whatever the hell losing means when you're refereeing a three-way civil war).

Maybe McCain knows he has as much of a chance as Dole in 1996. Maybe he's mad about his upcoming (and continuing) fundie ass-kissing. Maybe he's just lost the capacity to be funny. Or perhaps it's a combination of these factors.

Whatever it is, he's in for a long year and a half if this keeps up.

At any rate, the more inept the Republicans are, the better it is for you, me, and everyone else who doesn't have bank accounts in the Caymans.

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