Saturday, March 17, 2007

Don't Forget to Check under the Couch Cushions!

Oh. So that's where I left my 206 million dollars. How silly of me!

That's right. Mexican authorities seized over $200 million in cash from a home in an "upscale neighborhood" (no shit) in Mexico City.

Meth money. Listen up, dumbass US states--the big crystal meth shipments come from Mexico. Not from Toothless Jim's Toolshed and Lab. So can we please drop the stupid regulations on Sudafed? If it's late and I have a cold, I shouldn't have to drive to a fucking 24-hour pharmacy to get pseudoephedrine so I can goddam breathe again.

In other thoughts, what would it be like to have a king-sized bed made entirely out of cash? It would probably give you back pains in the morning, I think.

I'll have to file that under "problems I wish I had."

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