Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When Pigs Fly

No, no, I mean the four-legged kind.

In today's best example of Wishful Thinking, a couple of highly intelligent writers at Newsweek (a Web exclusive! Ooooh!) have decided that "Bush now needs to work with the Democrats. Why humility might be his best strategy."

That's gonna happen.

'Cause if George W. Bush is known for anything, it's his humility. Yeah, he's got that in spades.

These two geniuses remind us that Bush once promised to bring a "humble foreign policy" to Washington.

He really followed up on that, didn't he? Oh, wait.

Humility in action.

Here's some in-your-face humility.

Fuck these idiot stenographers. Bush doesn't know from humble, and he's not about to learn now. He'll be the same obstinate bully he's been his entire life. To assume otherwise is pointless. But I bet they get a pretty good salary for this exercise in counterfactual thinking. If, indeed, you can even call it thought.

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