Friday, October 27, 2006

Katie Couric

Dumb as a box of rocks

I saw Katie Couric interview Michael J. Fox on the CBS Evening News last night, and it amazed me. Does she ever do any research about her interviewees?

During the interview (only a portion was broadcast on TV last night--the whole thing is even worse), she asked Fox, "Would you ever campaign for Republicans?"

Of course, he has. He's supported Pennsylvania Republican Arlen Specter (oh, by the way--none of the gasbags & douchebags who are currently up in arms had a problem with that). Five minutes with a search engine would have showed Couric that such was the case. Fox quickly responded that he had, but I'm not sure if she absorbed that information.

She then misquoted Fox while asking him a question, and it was just generally an awful interview. I can't believe this continuing bullshit circus. Other people have better rundowns of just how awful the whole affair has been. I can't be too eloquent in my criticism, because this whole shit just makes me too fucking angry to craft good prose. And, speaking of angry, enter Matt Lauer, stage right:

Katie Couric, for all her flaws, is no Matt Lauer.
LAUER: And you brought up Michael J. Fox. Let me just ask you: You know, Rush Limbaugh started a lot of controversy when he said perhaps Michael J. Fox was exaggerating or faking these effects of Parkinson's disease in that ad promoting stem cell research. Didn't Rush Limbaugh just say what a lot of people were privately thinking?
Well, gee, Matt. He might have said what you were thinking, but don't project that sick shit onto the rest of us.

Matt Lauer is a tool.

Matt Lauer, publicity photo.

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