Saturday, September 08, 2007

God Damn

The best goddamn peaches in the world.

Ruston, Louisiana is home to the greatest peaches you'll ever eat. Once you have some Ruston peaches, you'll never want any of that inferior Georgia shit again. Ruston is in north-central Louisiana. Nothing about that part of the state is Cajun or Creole. No, it's all crackers there.

Anyway, Ruston, Louisiana is also home to Louisiana Tech University, whose most famous alumnus is former Pittsburgh Steeler and current FOX Sports figure Terry Bradshaw. He only went to LA Tech because he couldn't score high enough on the ACT to get into LSU. This fact will give pause to those of you who are familiar with LSU.

Okay. Now that we've covered all of that, let's get to talking about football.

Louisiana Tech hosted the University of Hawai'i tonight. And the Bulldogs almost beat the Warriors. This is some amazing shit. Hawai'i should have rolled right over LA Tech. The Hawai'i quarterback, Colt Brennan, is absofuckinglutely amazing. He threw for 548 yards tonight (the team added another 36 total yards rushing). But those crazy crackers from north Louisiana put up a hell of a fight. They took the 'Bows (UH used to be the Rainbows--a name they should have kept) into overtime. LA Tech lost by one point, 45-44. And they lost because they tried a two-point conversion in overtime. They could have just kicked an extra point and gone to a second OT, but they tried to win it rather than extend the game. Fucking awesome.

I should also mention that Hawai'i was ranked 20th prior to this game. Louisiana Tech wasn't anywhere near the top 25 poll. We all love a good underdog story. So here it is. Go Bulldogs. Hell of a game, guys.

Oh, and Oregon beat the pants off of Michigan in Ann Arbor today, 39-7, giving Michigan its first 0-2 start at home in almost 50 years. My boys at Southern Miss lost in Knoxville, the Badgers seem to have things in hand in Las Vegas, and I'm still pissed about the Colts-Saints game on Thursday. I know that's not college, but damn. I mean, damn.

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