Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yeah, I'm Busy. You Kids Go Play Outside

Don't forget your knives!

Sorry I haven't had much lately. Busy busy busy. In the meantime, read some of the fine links over to the right.

Or, you could read this hilarious piece at Fire Joe Morgan!
So, then, hre is what ARod's presence is worth to the 2007 Yankees: a chance at the playoffs. Without him this year, they are right now trading veterans for prospects and looking to 2008. Joe Torre has been fired. Brian Cashman has been fired. Lindsay Lohan is running the team. Billy Crystal is in jail for war crimes. Paul Simon has burned down Jack Nicholson's house. Anarchy.

Fuck the fuckin' Yankees. And their fuckin' fans. Even though he's got no charisma, Alex Rodriguez is a great ballplayer. He's not a politician--charisma shouldn't matter. The guy is keeping the Yankees out of the AL East basement this year, and all he gets is ration of shit after ration of shit.

Thanks a lot, Yankee fans and NY sports media. You've made me feel sympathy for a guy who'll make a quarter of a billion dollars playing a game for a living. You fucks.

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