Monday, January 29, 2007

A Simple Post

Evolution in action, cetacean-style.

A child with measles, a disease easily preventable by vaccination. Without treatment, measles can be deadly. However, a parental refusal of the vaccine, for whatever reason, is NOT an example of evolution. Ask a biologist if you don't believe me.

It seems that a Muslim doctor is urging British Muslims to forego vaccinating their children against childhood diseases--he claims that the animal-tissue derivatives in the solutions violate the dictates of the Koran. I disagree with this analysis, as I do the thoughts of Christian Scientists or Scientologists--or with Evangelical Christians who dismiss the HPV vaccine. (Because it might lead to immorality, you see. Better to punish sex with death than to oh, I don't know, protect life, I guess.) Glenn Reynolds, that bastion of clear-thinking libertarianism, weighs in and shows his ignorance and racism yet again. I direct you to Glenn Greenwald, who bitch-slaps Reynolds here.

Idiot in action.

Save us from these morons. How do they end up teaching law?

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