Thursday, January 26, 2006

Morbid Fascination

That's what I have with morning "news" shows like Today. For some reason, even though they are insipid and maddening, I just can't stop watching them. Longtime readers may remember that I've bitched about NBC's morning schlock-fest before.

Anyway, this morning, on the Today show, Katie Couric was interviewing DNC chair Howard Dean. And she was, probably predictably, full of shit. I know, I know. What a surprise.

I can't find a transcript of the interview on the Today show page (indeed, I can't even find where they admit to having the interview); however, our good friends at Think Progress have a streaming video and transcript available. Nice work.

What the hell, Katie Couric? "Democrats took money from Mr. Abramoff, too," huh? Good job by Dean on calling her out. I mean, Abramoff is a Republican. So of course he's not going to contribute to Democrats. Does Michael Moore send money to Republicans? No.

I wouldn't have been as nice to her as Governor Dean was. I probably would have said something like, "You know, Katie, if you spent less time looking at the inside of your own ass, and more paying attention to what was going on around you, I wouldn't have to call bullshit on you like this. Better luck next time, lady."

I might have even wondered why, for her colon-gazing expeditions, she even needed a camera on a tube, since she has her head lodged in her ass. I guess, in her defense, that it's pretty dark in there, and it must be hard to put on a miner's helmet before the rectal-cranial inversion.

Any thoughts, Jon?

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